Day 10: Unwritten

Day 10!!

When I originally picked this song as a contender for the NaNoWriMoVideo Songfest line-up, I thought it would be an easy task to talk about its larger message: specifically, finding our way in our (writing) life, making something of ourselves, and learning to live with our own limitations and imperfections.

While this song certainly captures that idea well, we now near the end of week 2 of NaNO and I find myself behind in my word count (not terribly behind, but enough to give myself pause).  Therefore, it seems a much simpler and more fundamental point must be made: Of this here novel I’m working on, there is still a lot of it unwritten!  😀

I am no NaNo expert, for certain, but I am beginning to understand that much of the drama of the struggle to finish in time is baked into the cake.  Finishing a novel is, after all, a gargantuan undertaking, and I think anyone with any sense, faced with such an imposing challenge must pause, reflect, and say to themselves: $%&#*%*#**@!!!

Then you shake it off and go back to work.  That’s what I’m doing, anyway.  So enjoy this great tune from a few years back: Unwritten, by Natasha Bedingfield.

P.S. This is a seven day a week blogfest, so don’t forget to stop by on the weekend and see what’s cooking!  😀