Day 14: Just A Little More Time

 Me and the the Manuscript are getting reacquainted.  😀

Took a little doin’, though.  I had to go back and basically rewrite my outline all the way through the turn into Act II, and now I’m going through and filling in the first draft holes in my story–which is upping the wordcount and also making me feel like I’m progressing.  I struggled because for a long time I failed to understand how my character arrived–emotionally–at a key scene leading into the B story.  Now that I have that straight, it feels like I’m tracking again.

I probably should have rewickered my outline a week ago, but I was loath to step off the ‘write-each-scene-chronologically’ bandwagon.  Last year I did exactly that when I started feeling lost.  For the whole second half of NaNo, I wandered the wilderness of my MS, understanding as I wrote that I probably needed certain scenes and writing those out, but having nary a clue as to how these different set pieces hung together.  That is probably one of the reasons why I haven’t returned to that story yet–still shaking off all the confusion in my head.

It’s early yet, but it looks like the gamble this year is paying off.  I’m giving myself kudos for not having given up by taking the same route as last year, and the magic in my head is back.   We’ll see how long it lasts…  😀

So this little video seemed appropriate for today.  Back in the Eighties, I was not a great fan of Corey Hart, but his tunes have caught my ear now and again over the years.  Watching this performance, regardless of whether you’re a fan or not, I think you have to admit that this man is practicing his art–and that must inspire all of us.

I hope your writing–whether it be NaNo or a non-NaNo WIP–is going well!  Happy Monday everybody!