Day 17: Superstition

Have you ever noticed how superstition tends to run in mostly one direction?

Superstition seems intimately linked with unusual runs of good luck.  For the batter on a long hitting streak, or the Las Vegas slot player sliding coin after coin into her favorite one-armed bandit, small decisions become very important.  Eat a bucket of chicken before the game.  Cash out after every win.  The slightest variation in the way we approach an endeavor can knock things off track and send the good luck fairies scattering away to spread their good fortune elsewhere. 

A crash after a long run of success can easily be blamed on not wearing lucky socks, or forgetting to knock on wood.  It happens all the time.  How many times have you found yourself talking about how well you are going to do something, and then stopped mid-sentence, realizing you were setting yourself up?  Invariably, you go on to crash and burn, almost as a kind of punishment, and your friends laugh at you.  😀

I’m in that zone now with my NaNo story.  Really.  So I’ve come up with an antidote.  As of now, I’m putting every one of you on notice.  This weekend, I’m gonna eat it, big time.  Really.  I’m not joking.  Probably have a couple of zero wordcount days.  I’ll probably delete a couple thousand words by accident.  I tell ya, I can feel it:  I’m gonna fall flat on my face and scream: “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.”

Good luck fairies, you hearing me?  😀

Have a great Thursday everyone, and enjoy good ole Stevie, doin’ his thang!!!