Day 2: I Feel Love

Day 2 of NaNo!!!!

This is Day 2 of the NaNoWriMo Video Songfest as well.  Go get all the details if you want to participate!

So, I am off to a rousing if rocky start on my NaNo MS.  How you?  Words flowing like wine?  Ideas flocking to your blank page like the Salmon of Capistrano?

My wife has coined a new phrase: The NaNo Curse.  You may recall my bumpy ride to 50k last year; it seems we’re off to another rough start in 2011. 

First, my wife was in a car accident yesterday.  YES!  YES!! Everybody is absolutely alright (Thank God!) but I think the car is toast.  We got to talk to some very nice security people yesterday and she’s talking to some very nice insurance people this morning (I have this thing called work).  And the kids are fine–but with us going home in a few months, the timing is, well, lousy.

Then, because I am so darn brilliant, I managed to save an old version of my NaNo 2011 MS over my new NaNo 2011 MS–the one with over 2,000 extra words in it!–and the word angry doesn’t even approach it.  Livid?  Apoplectic, maybe?  Bristling, wrathful, cantankerous, cross, outraged… huffy.  You get the picture.  😀

But I refuse to be deterred.  Because I’m in love.  Yep.  I totally totally TOTALLY dig this NaNo story I’m writing.

You’re loving your MS, right?!  You feel love too.  I hope so.  It’s easy to feel good about our beginnings. The old MS ain’t given us much trouble yet, see?!  Let’s wait a few weeks, mmmkay?  So we gotta enjoy the good times while they’re here, so I give you:


P. S. Plus, we’ve had our first non-WSMG song offering: a totally sweet tune by Miriam Stockley called “Beautiful Day.”  Go check it out over at Middle Passages.  Thanks Liza!