Day 5: Pure Imagination

NaNo, Day 5!

I’m feeling a little retrospective today.  I guess it’s sortof a weekend thing.  Less going on–at least as far as the work routine goes.  And it’s also nice to spend some much needed time with the family.

I hope this post finds you well and moving up that thin gray line on the Nano Stats tab.  If you’re like me, then the initial energy of getting started, of being excited about the idea is starting to fade, even if the shift is barely perceptible.  In another few days we’ll get into the territory where the act of scribing all these words on the page will stop feeling like a sprint and start feeling like a marathon.  It’s not that the idea and the characters aren’t speaking to us any longer; rather the day in, day out of the grind will begin to take its toll.  Fatigue will begin to set in.

And that is when we need to revisit some of why we’re doing this, to keep the batteries recharged.  And to remember why this story inspired us, and to continue to fuel the fire of imagination that is the engine that keeps us moving forward.

So enjoy this great video–an amalgam of my personal favorites: Gene Wilder singing “Pure Imagination” from the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, paired with amazing footage from one of the most imaginative companies making films today: Pixar.

Stay with it.  And have a great weekend!  😀