Significant Other Blogfest: FurnaceGirl In The Hot Seat

Hi all!

FurnaceGirl here. I’m not nearly as talented or well-versed in this writing gig as J.P., so please be patient with me.

If you haven’t already heard what this post is about, go check it out here. I’ll wait…

So, now that we are all up to speed here goes: I must be honest and say that I am very proud of and slightly surprised by my dear husband. He talked about wanting to be a writer ever since we met. The tricky part was, that apart from the work he produced when finishing his English degree, he hadn’t written much. He had a hard time while in college because he had such high aspirations and couldn’t quite make his work match his potential. He needed more practice, and patience.

It was not easy to watch him struggle with the realities of creative writing. He would get so excited about a story idea, then often grasp and fumble to put it on the page. I wanted a better way to help him beyond simply reading and offering constructive critiques, but I suppose that was the best way. I couldn’t tell him how to write (I’m certainly NOT the expert in the family!), I could only encourage him to keep pulling it apart and working toward his goal.

I see that he has really blossomed as a writer in the last year and a half. It is really quite dramatic, let me tell you. His writing is on a whole different plane than it used to be (Did you read his excerpt from Daisy?!?!). I believe some of the credit goes to you, his readers. You have offered critiques, feedback, support, encouragement, and comraderie to him along the way. I know that has meant a great deal to him, and to me.

If I could be selfish for a minute, I’ll share that there are a few drawbacks to this new blossoming. It’s not as much fun to go on our lunch dates when he’s lost in thought and dreaming about the idea he’s been working on fleshing out all morning. Sometimes he can get a little grumpy when he’s having a particularly hard time getting through a plotline. But, like I said, that’s me being selfish. :)

I’ll take the dreaminess and grumpiness once in a while to see him grow as a writer and fufill a long-time dream of his. I will bring cups of tea, and glasses of ice water when he’s hard at work, and not complain…much.