Lend Me Your Ears

If you lend me your ears, I’ll give them back. I promise! 😀  I hope this post finds you well and healthy and writing your brains out.

I’m jotting down this brief missive from Rome. Talk about a Roman Holiday!  Furnace Girl, Muffin, and I, and a few friends decided Thursday to boogie north to the Eternal City for the four day weekend and celebrate Independence Day by doing some sightseeing.

The places we’ve seen are nothing short of amazing.  The Colosseum is colossal.  Palatine Hill is palatial.  The Pantheon is pantheistic.  In short this eclectic city, the New York of Italy if you will, thrills and titillates, frolics and surprises.  You’re never sure what’s around the next corner, and whatever it is, it is sure to impress, fire the imagination, and feed the soul of vagabonds like us.

All this cultural intensity has got my creative juices sizzling like a Fourth of July burger on a charcoal grill. I’ve not written a single word, but within hours of arrival, the old creative buzz announced itself with great fanfare, and now I’m rarin’ to churn out page after page upon our return to Sicily tomorrow.

I do admit to being a tad nervous about getting back to writing, and for this I seek your counsel.  You see, I am both physically and mentally distant from the place where I’ve done my most recent best work.  I have avoided thinking about it much, but the plain fact is that I wonder how to start again.  Does anyone else deal with this problem?

Perhaps it’s a silly question, but I’ll ask it anyway: what strategies do you employ when it comes time to jump back in the writing pool again?