My Writing Space–The Final Frontier

So on this bright new NaNo month morning–first day! Yeah!–Summer is hosting a “Show Your Space Blogfest.”  What a cool and simple idea to get to know your fellow writers better, right?

Here’s mine:

I call it the final frontier because it is the last room in the house to get cleaned after moving in (hmmm….could it be that it actually got cleaned up, if only a bit, for this here blogfest?  Enquiring minds would like to know, wouldn’t they?).

Actually, because of the newness, it’s kind of clinical and generic right now, and certainly doesn’t have the it-factor and joie de vivre of my last writing space, which doubled as a music recording studio.  Give it time. 

I find that the writing space that works best for me can’t be manufactured or put together in one day.  Rather, it becomes a potpourri of various elements, notes and pictures tacked up, forgotten reminders pasted nearby to add to the general ambiance, nicknacks of inspiration crowding the space.

And coffee.  Lots of black coffee.  As I’ve been here only three months or so, and been unpacked for even less time, it still looks clean–not its usual state when under heavy use.  Maybe I should do a before and after pic for Nano?  Yeah, that would be interesting.
Anyway, thanks for stopping by.  For you NaNo-ans, I hope your off to a raring start this moment.  For everyone else, hope the weekend wasn’t too short and the week is looking good.
Take care.  Stay groovy.   Ciao!