News & Views–Robots Writing News Stories

Dateline: September 22nd, 2011

I, for one, welcome our new typewriter-looking-robot overlords…:D

As I continue to consider the place of my blog in the world, I am arriving at a few conclusions.  The overall gameplan–both for my fiction production and for this blog–is still taking shape.  But one feature I think I’m going to add is a “News & Views” post, several times a week, posting significant fiction, publishing news–and contests!

I’m starting small, with a few links to get the ball rolling.  Eventually, I’ll probably add a sidebar listing significant items–but more to follow on that.  Suggestions and comments are encouraged.  Enjoy!




  • Sixth International Aeon Award 2011 (Short Fiction.  Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror. Wordcount: any).  Submit by September 30th.
  • The Bland to Grand Flash Fiction Contest (Genre: any. Wordcount: ~500 max). Submit by September 30th.
  • Arthur Edelstein Prize for Short Fiction (Genre. any. Wordcount: 6000 max).  Submit by October 31st. 
  • 16th Annual Oklahoma Literary Arts Festival Flash Fiction Contest (Genre: topic-driven, see link.  Wordcount: 150-300).  Submit by November 3rd.

Have a groovy groovy day!