Perfect Day

All I can say is NaNo was a total blast this year. 

And that fun isn’t just about success.  It’s also a lot about sharing a process with you fellow writers–struggling, failing, digging deeper, carrying on, making it work, facing the beast–and being a part of something bigger than myself that made it so fun.

I still have another 50k or so words to write to complete this year’s NaNo MS, but I’m already thinking about next year–and all the fun I’m going to have in the interim, making this story shine, seeing how far I can push it.

I think it’s totally appropriate that Thanksgiving comes in November, the same month as NaNo, because I am again reminded how thankful and grateful I am to be a part of this community of writers.  Life is short, and sometimes we need to stop, take a look around, and realize how good things really are.  This is one of those days. 

So thanks to each one of you!  It’s no exaggeration to say I couldn’t have done it alone, so let’s celebrate this perfect day.  Truly.   😀

How was your NaNo experience this year?  For those not doing NaNo, are you making progress on your own work?