Under Cover

I thought I’d combine my several semesters of college art classes (don’t ask!) with my deft Powerpoint skills and throw together a faux-cover for my upcoming NaNoWriMo project.  I thought: “Everyone else is doing it!  Why not me?”

I found that designing a cover is considerably harder–nigh on near impossible!–when the book has yet to be written, but hey I figured I’d run with it and see what happens.

Thoughts?  Critiques?  Too floral?  Too literal?  I am curious what kind of story you think it is based on the cover…some feedback would be great!

The suggestion box is now open!

(BTW, the background photo is the work of Bas Lammers–used under the creative commons license.  He has a cornucopia of other amazing photos.  Go check them out–if you dare!  :D)

P.S.  All this talk of pantsing it and working without a net has been extremely inspirational, and has definitely pumped up my own internal volume for this project, but one thing I refuse to work without is a synopsis.  I find that forcing the idea into the synopsis format helps me distill things down to a basic conflict and action.  Do you find that?

Long story short, I hope to put up my synopsis in a few days and you can throw stones at that too!  And remember, throwing stones doesn’t mean you’re not still groovy!