Video Songfest Kickoff: Unearthed


First: Happy Halloween!  You know what I’m going as this year?  A fiction writer.   😀  What about you?

So tomorrow’s the big day, eh?!  NaNo 2011.  I’m brimming with excitement!  Are you?

Got your game face on?  Do you know where it is at least?  I do.  😀  I am all atwitter with excitement and ready to get writing on this bad boy.

And if you’re not doing NaNo, find a fellow writer and lend them a little support.  You know they’d do the same for you!  😉

But enough of my chatter.  You have until November 30th to get in on the Video Songfest fun.  Go here for the detailsClick here or on my sidebar to find the Master Playlist.  (This is the only video so far, but it’ll start filling up over the next few days.  Feel free to bookmark it if you like!).

The below totally awesome video–which many of you might know as the Cold Case TV-show theme–was actually off  E.S. Posthumus’ first album, entitled Unearthed.  Incidentally, all the songs on the album are named after ancient cities that were late discovered in the modern era–thus the title.  Just the way you’ll be excavating the action in your MS, eh?!

This amazing tune, paired here with stunning Planet Earth footage, is the perfect cocktail to get us all in the mood for awesomely epic world-building, off-the-hook character development and total bada$$ery.

***The world is a blank canvas, just waiting for our paintbrushes.  Now, let’s go get ’em! ***