The View From The Office

First, don’t forget about Christine’s You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby! Blogfest tomorrow!  Go sign up here!  And check back tomorrow when I totally embarrass myself with an old piece of my really bad fiction.  I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it.

As luck would have it, I’m flying every day for the rest of the week, which promises to put a dent in my fiction output–and also means, after tomorrow, you won’t be hearing from me until the weekend.  Turns out internet access in Kosovo and Serbia is pretty spotty.

So I thought I’d share a few photos of my new office with you.  I’ve been back to flying about six months now, and I tell you flying a real aircraft is much better than flying a desk.

This is the mighty C-26 (pic by yours truly, on the ramp in Rota, Spain), the aircraft I’m flying now.  It’s been nearly fifteen years since I flew a fixed-wing aircraft (the Navy trains all their pilots to fly fixed-wing first), and it’s been a real joy getting back in the cockpit, and getting to see a little of Europe in the process.

She flies pretty nice, and she’s equipped with some nice avionics and navigational equipment, which means it’s easy to get from point A to point B without too much trouble.  It’s a far cry from my Huey days when we used road maps to figure out where we were going.

We’re privy to some pretty spectacular views along the way.  Here’s Mount Etna, shrouded in clouds, off the right wing.

And this is a pic of the entire island of Corsica.  The visibility that day was truly amazing.

Yep, it’s a pretty good time.  Just for giggles, I uploaded this short video of a jaunt over the Alps.  And of course, if you have any flying related questions, feel free to ask.  Enjoy the video, stay groovy and we’ll catch up with you this weekend.